Jane Kim

Engineered, 2020
acrylic and latex on wood panel
60 x 30 in
Engineered Engineered explores human ingenuity and how different technologies have molded our world. The cultivation of apples represents a sophisticated leap in agricultural practices. The culturally ubiquitous fruit that keeps the doctor away and inspired Isaac Newton’s discovery of gravity is not planted by seed but grown through grafting, a millennia-old technique that further allowed for large-scale human settlements. In Engineered, seven varieties of apples spring from branches of another culturally dominant symbol, Apple computer power chargers. Much like the agricultural advancements shifted humanity away from disparate groups of hunter-gatherers to larger centralized communities, modern technology has transformed the way we interact, both centralizing human communication and creating a vast new wilderness to navigate. The apples are composed with a stiffness that suggests how these domesticated fruits are controlled and manipulated, while the power cords snake across the painting in tangled masses. A quartet of bees illustrate that no matter how grand our technological achievements, without pollinators we’d have no fruit to eat.

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