Laurent Davidson was born in New York City, then moved with his family in 1953 at the age of 4 to the Loire Valley in France. There he lived and was educated for the next twenty years. The grandson of internationally distinguished portrait sculptor, Jo Davidson. Laurent attended the Beaux Arts school in Tours, France, prior to working in lithography printing, art conservation and restoration. 


Laurent first experimented with “Mobiles” at the age of thirteen when living in Saché, France, next door to Alexander Calder, the world renowned artist who developed and popularized the unique art of Mobile making.  Calder’s daughter married Laurent’s uncle and they all lived together in the same village of Saché.


It was the study of music and chromatic harmony that initiated a renewed interest in sculpture and Mobile making. Made of elemental shapes composed in rhythms and colors, set on a point or suspended in the air, Mobiles can be considered to be part of the wind instrument family. Exploring their similarity to musical scales or phrases, Laurent aspires to convey the relationship between the visual arts and music. Mobiles floating in space and time can be interpreted as “harmonic progressions” and their movement as “variations.”   


Working with aluminum and steel, Laurent creates Mobiles and StabiloMobile sculptures for interiors as well as for outdoors.  Each sculpture is painted with Japan Colors, an oil base paint that dries to a flat finish so that the colors are visible from all angles. His large outdoor installations are made of heavy gauge metals and painted with durable weather-resistant paints.


Laurent Davidson’s word has exhibited and is collected worldwide. 

2017  Group Show  Andra Norris Gallery  Burlingame, CA

2013  Three Man Show  Healdsburg Center for the Arts  Healdsburg, CA

2012  Group Sculpture Show  Carmel Art Association Gallery  Carmel, CA

2010  Group Sculpture Show  Carmel Art Association Gallery  Carmel, CA

2008  One Man Show  Highlands Sculpture Gallery  Carmel, CA

2006  One Man Show  Highlands Sculpture Gallery  Carmel, CA

2007  Two Man Show  Hernandez Contemporary Fine Art  Scottsdale, AZ

2003  One Man Show  Highlands Sculpture Gallery  Carmel, CA

2002  Gallery Mack  Palm Desert, CA

1999  One man show  "Mobiles and StabiloMobiles"  Ventana Gallery  Big Sur, CA

1997  James Gallery  Pittsburg, PA

1997  Group show  "Mobiles and StabiloMobiles"  Gallery Mack  Seattle, WA

1996  One man show  "Mobiles and StabiloMobiles"  FACT Gallery  Laguna Beach, CA

1992  One man show  "Sculptures Spatiales"  Galerie Carré Davidson  Tours, France

1989  One man show "Monotypes"  Henry Miller Library  Big Sur, CA

1989  Group show 3D  Espace André Malraux Gallery  Joué-les-Tours, France

1987  One man show "Mixed Media"  Pacific Grove, CA 

1983  Group show "Aspects of Painting in France"  Atlanta, GA

1978  One man show  "Landscapes and Monotypes"  Galerie Jacques Davidson  Tours, France  

1977  Group show  "Landscapes"  FIAC International Art Fair  Paris, France 

1977  Private one man show "Landscapes"  Richard Criley  Carmel Highlands, CA

1976  One man show  "Landscapes"  Galerie Jacques Davidson  Tours, France

1975  One man show  "Landscapes"  French Library  Boston, MA 


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