Erin Parish: Dreamstate - Online Exclusive

Erin Parish: Dreamstate. An online exclusive expo with a selection of work hanging in the gallery:


September 23 - October 31


Andra Norris Gallery is proud to present “Dreamscape” — a solo online exclusive exhibition featuring new work by celebrated abstract American artist Erin Parish. A selection of work will be on view in the gallery 9/23 - Oct 28.


Erin Parish draws on patterns found in nature for the subject matter of her tactile, bold, and brilliant abstract paintings created with oil and resin on wood and canvas. Inspired by the tranquility of the ocean, the meditative tenets of Buddhism, and the aesthetics of Japanese Wabi-Sabi — her trademark paintings are marked by the repetition of circular forms, diamonds, and other abstract geometric shapes that are repeated in nature, as she considers the ways in which they mirror each other at the most microscopic and macroscopic levels.